Picnic Table Alberta

Our walk through tables are made of “beautiful” powder coated metal frames and (ACQ) treated lumber tops and seats, no painting for many, many years.

The sectional frames are formed (not welded) so there are no welds to crack. This allows for much more compact packaging and minimizes shipping costs.

Frames are available to order seperately.

The lumber tops and seats are bolted together for much easier replacement (anyone who has drilled out self tapping screws will appreciate this).

Flat bottom frame sits on top of the ground (no legs to sink into the ground).

Formed round frame corners, slide freely on the ground for ease of moving for lawn mowing, site cleaning, etc.

Walk through style does not tip and the wider stance of the OUTDOOR FURNITURE WORX table is much more comfortable to walk through and to sit on.

Our tables are wheelchair accessible.

Adjustable Swing Away Fire Pit Grill

Sturdy construction (MADE IN CANADA)

Adjustable height for optimum cooking temperature

Swing grill away from heat to add, remove or turn food and added safety

Completely portable – set up in seconds

Lip around outside to keep food from falling into the fire

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